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Art Textile and Fibre Craft Workshops in the Nelson Tasman region

The spectacular scenery of New Zealand is a true inspiration for its artist community.  There is also a wealth of opportunity for you to experience the creative arts, including the chance to create contemporary fibre craft and art textiles in all its forms.  

NZ Textile Experiences is based at the top of the South Island in Nelson and Tasman, offering individual and small group workshops. Join some of the best textile and fibre artists from this region in a range of inspirational workshops.  You can learn new skills from a variety of art textile and fibre crafts, and take your creations away with you.  These workshops include Wild Basket Making, Screen Printing, Contemporary Felt MakingSmall Loom Weaving, Unconventional Textile Materials, NZ Flax Weaving - Harakeke, Eco Dyeing with Plants, Contemporary and Traditional Stitch/Embroidery, Creative Bookbinding and more, all of which are designed to be suitable for beginners as well as those with more advanced skills. 

Upcoming workshops

Unconventional Textiles - Pre-used and Unusual Materials tutored by Maggy Johnston

This workshop is based around Maggy facilitating and challenging you in an environment that is both encouraging and stimulating. Maggy will provide technical guidance and share her extensive knowledge of working with a range of unconventional and unusual textile media, fostering experimentation and growth in your personal art-making journey.

Harakeke Kete Whakairo in Inangahua - Tutor Yvonne Hammond

This workshop will support you to weave a traditional patterned kete.

Creative Bookbinding tutored by Rosie-Anne Pinney

Create your own notebooks, sketch books or storage for travel mementoes, small photographs, poems, stories or other texts, these handcrafted books function as both useful objects or sources of inspiration.

Screen Printing workshop

Fabulous Screen Printing with a Tropical Twist tutored by Judith Ritchie

Beginners and Refresher - A contemporary approach to learning the art of screen printing in the fun filled creative space.

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