Textile & Fibre Craft Experiences, Nelson Tasman, New Zealand

Tapestry Weaving inspired by NZ flora and fauna

Tapestry Weaving tutored by Marilyn Rea-Menzies

Tapestry Weaving has a rich and ancient history with opportunities to create personal accessories through to contemporary wall works for your living environment. By starting off on a small portable frame loom you can explore a great range of possible designs from organic through to geometric incorporating colourful wools and other wonderful fibres.

Unconventional and unusual materials workshop

Unconventional Textiles - Preused and Unusual Materials - tutored by Maggy Johnston

Unconventional Art Textiles – Preused and Unusual materials to create textile art with an emphasis on learning techniques that can be applied to creating light shades baskets, sculptures, cushions and more, the choices are huge with your outcomes being totally unexpected and surprising.

nz flax weaving harakeke kete detail

Harakeke NZ Flax Weaving tutored by Yvonne Hammond

Harakeke - NZ Flax weaving is a traditional craft of the Maori people. When participating in this experience you will not only create your own flax art form you will be taught Tikanga associated with this practice that will ensure that this time honoured craft will live on for future generations.

Finnish Embroidery Stitch Hannvaakuna

Embroidery and Stitch Techniques tutored by Maria Julkunen

An opportunity to be introduced to the rich history of Finnish Embroidery. Passed down through the generations to tell stories with stitch from traditional through to contemporary.

Wild Basket Making tutored by Anita Peters

Wild Basket Making tutored by Anita Peters

Basket weaving uses a variety of fibrous or pliable materials and is one of humankind's oldest art forms, it is certainly an ethnic and cultural icon filled with myth, motif and symbolism as well as usefulness.

Mark Making on silk with plants and found objects

Dyeing Naturally tutored by Colleen Plank

Eco Dyeing is the contemporary version of natural dyeing, printing fabrics and fibres with accessible plants. Experience how eco dyeing can create unexpected colour and imprinted designs.

Contemporary Feltmaking tutored by Colleen Plank

Contemporary Feltmaking tutored by Colleen Plank

The ancient technique of felt making has endless possibilities fusing wool, silk and other natural materials with contemporary ideas to create sumptuous articles for apparel or decor.