19 Nov 2022 (10:00) - 20 Nov 2022 (16:00)

Working with Harakeke - NZ FlaxHarakeke -  NZ Flax Weaving workshopHarakeke -  NZ Flax Weaving workshopHarakeke -  NZ Flax Weaving workshop,Harakeke Weaving Workshop December 2021Harakeke weaving baskets

NZ Flax - Harakeke is the most enduring of all New Zealand native plants, a natural resource and easily accessible.

From plant to product, in this workshop you will learn the skills of weaving with NZ Flax - Harakeke. 

This workshop will include the techniques of weaving and plaiting along with being taught the cultural customs of working within the sustainable practices of tikanga and the values toi raranga (the protocols of flax cutting and handling which surrounds this time honored craft).

During this Two Day Introduction to Harakeke - NZ Flax Weaving workshop, you will create puti puti flowers, a two corner magic basket and the larger kono four cornered food basket in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.  Over time your harakeke weaving will take on a glorious golden hue.

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Two Day Workshop

19 Nov 2022 (10:00) - 20 Nov 2022 (16:00) Add to calendar

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Inangahua Two Day workshopOver the two-day workshop, all aspects of harvesting (tikanga) and introduction to weaving with Harakeke - NZ Flax will be covered, creating puti puti flowers, two cornered baskets, and the larger four-cornered food basket. Bring your lunch (coffee and tea supplied) and $10 small materials charge paid directly to the tutor at the commencement of the workshop.$230.00