"I went home bursting with ideas and inspiration" - Unconventional and Unusual Materials workshop with Maggy Johnston

Thankyou, it was an amazing weekend.

  • Lyn Huggins
  • Invercargill

"Mind expanding with so many new ideas" - Contemporary Feltmaking with Colleen Plank

Two more weeks please.. everything was comfortable and friendly

  • Jennifer McDonald
  • Tasman

"This was my second workshop with NZ Textile Experiences, loved learning a new medium to add to my art practice" - Tapestry Weaving Kawakawa Leaf Workshop with Marilyn Rea-Menzies

A great start to learning Tapestry Weaving, this was my second workshop with NZ Textile Experience

  • Ynes Guevara
  • Nelson/Mexico

"Very Informative, everything worked out great" - Screen Printing Workshop with Judith Ritchie

Looking forward to learning the darkroom/photographic technique.

  • Gavin Stanley
  • Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

"Awesome, Loved it! " - Contemporary Feltmaking with Colleen plank

Would like the workshop to be extended two more days, I loved it that much!   Enjoyment, professionlism, and satisfaction with results.

  • Julia Seagar
  • Nelson

"Perfect location, very peaceful and inspiring" - Contemporary Felt Making Workshop with Colleen Plank

A really inspiring workshop, I learnt lots of techniques and knowledge.  I achieved a lot, could easily have done another day.

  • Pauline Farley
  • Nelson

"Colleen was so generous with materials and information" - Contemporary Felt Making Workshop with Colleen Plank

Everything was excellent and beyond my expectations.  A lovely venue, I would highly recommend this workshop to others.

  • Erica Harper
  • Nelson

"I loved the whole weekend" - Unconventional Textile Materials Workshop with Maggy Johnston

Time flies, so much to see and learn.  Maggy is a great tutor and helps alot.

  • Corry Zeestraten
  • Wanaka

"Weekend workshops are great, short and powerful!" - Harakeke Weaving Workshop with Yvonne Hammond

I thoroughly enjoyed it, great instructions and lovely space to work in.  There was plenty for us to do, nothing was missing.

  • Kay Maitland
  • Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

"You come away having created something you didn't think you could" - Harakeke NZ Flax Weaving

Relaxing, satisfying, challenging (in a good way) just lovely, a great sense of accomplishment!

  • Estelle Van Til
  • Nelson

"A fun create way to spend a wintry day in a gentle environment" - Harakeke NZ Flax Weaving

Relaxed, friendly and creative, the workshop had just the right amount of information and practical balance, I feel we couldn't have fitted any more into the 6 hours.

  • Catherine Broshnaham
  • Nelson

"Invigorating to learn something new" - Contemporary Felting Workshop tutored by Colleen Plank

A fabulous workshop for a mother and daughter, the felt skills were well taught in a very relaxed atmosphere.

  • Bo & Rachel Buckley
  • Tasman

"Ideal location - excellent, challenging and inspiring" - Tapestry Weaving Kawakawa Leaves with Marilyn Rea-Menzies

A very well organised workshop, I would definitely recommend others to participate.

  • Jan Fryer

"We made an amazing number of things in the time, I was happy with my take home goods." - Harakeke Weaving Workshop

Great to know about traditional crafts and have a go.


  • Philippa Eberlein
  • Nelson

"We all really enjoyed it, the tutor was very helpful moving around the room and sorting out our tangles" Harakeke Weaving workshop

Great venue, very accessible

  • Gabrielle Hervey
  • Nelson

"The workshop was fun and the materials are freely available" - Harakeke - NZ Flax Weaving tutored by Yvonne Hammond

The workshop was great, not too many people and the instructor was always available.

  • Roger Douglass
  • Nelson

"Excellent facility and workshop" - Harakeke NZ Flax Weaving tutored by Yvonne Hammond

A very informative workshop with an excellent facility 

  • Bobby Lenting
  • Auckland

"Thrilled with what I made" - Contemporary Felt making tutored by Colleen Plank

I learnt many things that I had seen in books but had never actually tried, I now have the confidence to give other things a go.

  • Linda Carville
  • Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

"The tutor was very welcoming making us feel competent even as beginners" - Harakeke NZ Flax Weaving

The class was small and the time flew by with laughter and simple pleasures - (great tea too)!

  • Valerie Weir Van Til
  • Nelson

"Very knowledgeable an helpful tutor, great supply of yarns and materials" - Tapestry Weaving Bush Textures workshop with Marilyn Rea-Menzies

Everything was great, well worth the trip from Auckland, thankyou!

  • Sue Cottle
  • Auckland

Great Learning, more than I expected - Introduction to Harakeke Weaving tutored by Oz Risner

Very comprehensive introduction to Harakeke Weaving workshop

  • Jonathan Puddick
  • Nelson

Inspiring, exciting, flexible and helpful! - Contemporary Felt making tutored by Colleen Plank

Inspiring, exciting, flexibility and helpful, allowing for thinking along different lines.  I enjoyed the great set up, notes, power point, supplier recommendations and suggestions.

  • Sally Mason

"I learnt a lot about felting techniques - well worth it!" - Contemporary Felt Making tutored by Colleen Plank

Great inspiration, I learnt a lot about felting techniques, well worth it.  The workshop was very well organised with tons of information.  The environment was relaxed, I was made to feel right at home!

  • Yvonne Florris
  • Nelson

"Lovely working in the tutors own studio" - Contemporary Felt Making Workshop

Very relaxed, informative, friendly and useful the Contemporary Felt Making workshop perfectly met my needs.

  • Anne Barrer
  • Silverwood Farms, Marlborough, NZ

"Ignited my creativity - so many ideas" - Contemporary Felting Workshop

Most definitely recommend this workshop, ignited my creativity - so many ideas!

  • Rosemary Baird
  • Nelson, NZ

"Awesome to be able to develop my own Design" - Screen Printing Workshop

The environment was informative and informal - it was awesome to be able to develop my own design, thanks Judith!

  • Rebecca Anderson-Griffith
  • Nelson, NZ

"The workshop was a great opportunity to try a variety of screen printing techniques" - Screen Printing Workshop

We learnt about the different screen printing techniques and how we could use the techniques in the classroom with our students.

  • Kathryn Mason
  • Teacher at Queen Charlotte College, Marlborough

"Well worth the cost" - Weave a contemporary wall hanging with Karuna Peralta

Karuna is a wonderful teacher, so patient - we worked solidly all day to complete the sample which I am totally delighted with! 

  • Denise Teal
  • Nelson

"A great opportunity to learn new crafts from experienced crafts people" - Small Loom Weaving Workshop

A very pleasant learning environment with a relaxed atmosphere in a quaint environment. Karuna has lots of knowledge to impart and I really enjoyed the opportunity to try out different size looms.

  • Liz Johnstone
  • Nelson

"Totally meet my expectations, learning great techniques" - Screen Printing Workshop

Great to learn and try out all the Screen Printing Techniques.

  • Sarah Winham
  • Teacher at Queen Charlotte College, Marlborough

"I found the workshop very satisfying" - Transfer Imagery and Stitch Workshop

… I found it very satisfying and I learned quite a lot of things/techniques/ideas that I could use in the future, I also have 7 pieces to take away and finish - homework!

  • Ruth Lewis
  • Nelson, NZ

"Great creative time in a beautiful setting" - Eco Dye Workshop

Great creative time in a beautiful setting with inspiring people, thank you.

  • Alison McLeish
  • Nelson, NZ

"It more than met my expectations"- Screen Printing Workshop

The tutor was excellent at tutoring to all levels, beginners to experienced.  The small class size was excellent and meant that while she was tutoring and explaining to the beginner student I was able to move on with the practical aspects of the course. 

  • Marita Watson-Bol
  • Waimea College Tutor, Nelson, NZ

"I have lots of ideas to take away with me" - Eco Dye Workshop

Well organised and I have lots of  ideas to take away with me to try at home.

  • Jessica Henderson
  • Tasman, NZ

"I feel confidently armed with enough knowledge and practice to take my ideas and get printing" - Screen Printing Workshop

A sincere thank you to Judith & NZ Textile Experiences for providing such a practical workshop in a pleasant and relaxing environment.  I had been searching for a workshop to learn the photo emulsion screen printing techniques for a while, and fortunately this one was right on my doorstep in beautiful Nelson.  I feel confidently armed with enough knowledge and practice to take my ideas and get printing!

  • Debbie Donaldson
  • Tasman, NZ

"Inspiring" - Eco Dye Workshop

Inspiring, with lots of fabulous samples and different methods to look at.

  • Deb Price
  • Takaka, NZ

"Lovely location" -- Eco Dye Workshop

Lovely location to learn about Eco Dyeing, I would recommend this to others!

  • Anna McClure
  • Tasman, NZ

"The tutor was so helpful and I learnt so many new skills" - Felt Making Workshop

I really enjoyed the Felt Making workshop. The tutor was so helpful and I learnt so many new skills. I'm looking forward to using these to make lots of great gifts for the family.

  • Julie Gordon
  • Perth, Western Australia