About the Art Textile and Fibre Craft Workshop Experiences

New Zealand offers the most gorgeous of places to visit, not only visually but creatively. 

NZ Textile Experiences invite local residents and visitors to the region to take time out and indulge in one or more of our hands-on fibre craft or art textile workshop experiences.

Based in the Nelson Tasman region, this scenic area is renowned for its proliferation of art, artists and myriad of creatives, including a diverse range of textile and fibre craft practitioners.

The vision for NZ Textile Experiences is for you to enjoy those special experiences by creating textiles and fibre crafts in glorious New Zealand locations, with our fabulous tutors sharing their individual specialist skills along with knowledge of their local environment.

By participating in a textile workshop, you will learn more about our country, meet local people who are also passionate about textiles and take home a unique piece of textile art.

Textile and Fibre Craft workshops can be taken individually or in small groups, each taught by an expert in their field. This is an intimate experience, working in the artist's own studio or workshop, ranging from rural locations in bush settings to an eclectic art gallery and an inner city work space which also doubles as a retail outlet.

Workshops on offer so far are  Contemporary Stitch,  Screen Printing,  Wild Basket Making,  Eco Dyeing,  Textile Dyeing, Digital Textile Design, Felt Making,  Weaving and  Paper Making  with more to follow ...

This is a new venture so keep on visiting while we share our journey and please let us know what interests you.

If the workshop dates don't suit you send us an email at info@nztextileexperiences.co.nz and we may be able to tailor a workshop to suit your individual availability.  Please also inquire about our Workshop gift vouchers.

Upcoming Workshops

Meet the team and tutors at NZ Textile Experiences

Colleen Plank - Contemporary Textile Artist  - Tutor  -  Exhibitor  -  Workshop Coordinator

Colleen Plank

Contemporary Textile Artist  - Tutor  -  Exhibitor  -  Workshop Coordinator

Colleen's passion for creating textiles has taken her to many exciting and interesting places that has at times included attending workshops. The most memorable of those have been in the artists own creative spaces where it has been possible to fully immerse herself in the creative experience.

What drives Colleen's enthusiasm is the opportunity to share her extensive knowledge of Felting, Dyeing, Fibre and Textile Manipulation techniques with those wishing to try out something new or to the more experienced student wanting to extend their skills.

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Anita Peters - Contemporary Basket Maker - Multi Media Artist - Writer -Tutor

Anita Peters

Contemporary Basket Maker - Multi Media Artist - Writer - Tutor

Anita, a multi media artist, has a passion for using found and foraged materials to weave and sculpt baskets and other art forms. Over the past several years she has adapted her basic construction techniques to accommodate raw and natural materials and inorganic materials to create ‘Wild’ baskets.   Anita's creative energy is infectious; you will not only learn traditional basket making methods but she will also encourage your wild ideas to flow.

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Judith Ritchie - Contemporary Textile Artist - Screen Printer - Arts Writer - Tutor - Costume Designer

Judith Ritchie

Contemporary Textile Artist - Screen Printer - Arts Writer - Tutor - Costume Designer

Judith’s effervescent personality is contagious while learning all the tricks and tools of screen printing.  Judith is an experienced tutor, has a passion for sustainability and loves to share her vast knowledge of colour and pattern when screen printing iconic kiwi designs.

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Judy Keylock - Arts Educator - Designer - Textile Specialist  - Tutor - Environmentalist

Judy Keylock

Arts Educator - Designer - Textile Specialist  - Tutor - Environmentalist

Judy is an art specialist in education and a designer working with natural materials, gently finished and spent plants, paper made from pre-loved linen and cotton garments, pigments and stains from earth and treasures of the woodland.   "Inspired by the details of the natural environment, nature’s genius of repeat pattern – each similar yet infinitely unique, and use of layers to create different views and shadows.   These become a surface for printed and sewn mark-making – patterning the landscape song."

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Karuna Peralta - Weave your own Sampler and Small Loom Weaving Tutor

Karuna Peralta

Textile Weaver - Designer - Tutor

Karuna has a rich knowledge of hand woven textiles in industry and as a freelance designer, always being drawn to traditional techniques, quality natural materials and vibrant colour combinations. ‘I’m inspired by my beautiful surroundings, experiences and research findings. I love the connection that weaving gives me – to an ancient tradition and to this land which supplies the beautiful fibres I can weave into cloth.

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Arts Educator - Textile Artist – Designer - Gardener - Tutor

Sharron Martin

Arts Educator - Textile Artist – Designer - Gardener

Sharron loves the joy and enthusiasm that evolves when sharing her textile and art knowledge with others, especially when this involves the patterns and cycles within nature and foliage from her garden. This practice, known as eco printing and dyeing, is part of slow studio tradition where the overarching goal seeks to promote well being for individuals, society, and the natural environment. Using the alchemy of nature, biological pigments from spent foliage can be imprinted onto natural fabrics and deliver unexpected colours, shapes and nuances in a sustainable context. Resulting fabrics can be used as scarves, wraps, or incorporated into other garments.

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Adi Tait - Graphic Designer -  Multi Media Artist -  Sculptor - Tutor

Adi Tait

Graphic Designer -  Multi Media Artist -  Sculptor - Tutor

Adi loves the process of transforming ideas into design, and the creative process of working with varying colours and permutations.  " I am interested in the ideas that come from transforming images from the flora and fauna of New Zealand into contemporary digital designs - whether for artwork, fabric or paper."

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Bridget Sanders Textile Artist - Theatre Puppet Maker - Illustrator - Tutor - NZ Textile Tutor

Bridget Sanders

Textile Artist - Theatre Puppet Maker - Illustrator

As an artist Bridget's three passions are Drawing, Textiles and Nature.   Continually seeking ways to bring these elements together to enrich her understanding of the world and deepen her connection to it.  Drawing is an articulate tool that Bridget uses to express ways of seeing the world, while Textiles represent ‘the stuff of life’ which connects us to the work through personal and visceral association.  "And Nature is Nature is Nature . . . . My art practice combines drawing and textiles to express the richness of our native New Zealand."

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